Sam Felix

I was born in Haiti, grew up in a catholic family. Due to some unforeseen circumstance when I was 12 the family moved to the United States, venturing to find better live. The calling of God was in my live since I was a child; even as a catholic I had a profound love for the ideal of this Greater Being and of worshiping Him. At the age of 16 the ideal that I’d fall in love with as a kid was beginning to have substance on it. No longer was it an ideal I was beginning to know God and His character and His will for my live and what it means to walk with Him. Fast forward 5 years later, the church that I attended had an intense discipleship program call “Patmos”; at that point I was in at a place on my journey with God where my faith wasn’t growing anymore and I felt like I needed help to make that happen. So I activated my faith sign up for the program, fund raiser for it, quit my job and before long I was in a plane heading to the Bahamas for a four month journey with God to grow my faith and enhance my character in Him. At Patmos, part of their curriculum was a mission trip and coincidently enough the earthquake happen in Haiti just a couple day before my term started when I was the first Haitian they’ve ever had attending the program. A month within Patmos, a staff member came and got me out of class and a half hour later I was in the airport heading to Haiti. That was my first time back in Haiti since my family and I had left 9 years ago. When we came to Haiti everything was still fresh, the earthquake had just happen a month and some weeks earlier, the devastation was real, and you could see the confusion and the fear in the eyes of the people. In the whole two weeks that I was there I was privilege to work in a school with about 200 kids, God did something through those kids that took my heart. From there birth something in me where I felt obliges to do something, now that I was aware of the condition of my people I couldn’t go back to life as usual there had to be a way that I could play a part. After my two weeks in Haiti went back to the Bahamas to complete the terms with Patmos all the while praying and asking God if it is His will that He would make a way for me to go back to Haiti and serve Him through my people, and he did, once I completed the program flew back in the Stated and three weeks later I was in a plane heading back to Haiti. In the first two year that I was in Haiti I was in Haiti I was just been faithful serving where ever the Lord would have me server. Little did I know that He had a group of people that He has put aside for me to shepherd? Now here I am pastoring a church for 3 years now, though there’s a lot of bump on the road I trust that the Lord will crazy me through and that His grace is sufficient to cover all my stupidity, all of my mistakes and all of my sin, and I trust that He will give me the country of Haiti for His glory.